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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  January 30, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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the afternoon has come and gone. the biggest thing to happen today was the direction of this big tents in the middle of the park. -- erection of the tent. the big showdown was supposed to be at high noon. >> we will stay until they actually make us leave it. >> the showdown never happened. the occupiy protesters put a tent over general mcpherson of. >> we need an opportunity to speak to the house of representatives and speak to the mayor. >> their orders to shut down the four months encampment. >> when will enforcement begin? it has begun. >> no enforcement or tents taken down. >> this will not stop the movement. we can have these as a 24-hour vigil. >> i will need to get rest.
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>> instead of a confrontation a party broke out as the press followed police officers every move. the protesters cranked up the music and dance. today, they celebrated a small victory. tomorrow -- >> i will be here tomorrow, the next day, however long it takes. >> a number of protesters said it will not leave and the police will continue to enforce the no sleeping role p&o -- rule. we will see what happens tonight. >> ocuppycupy wall street protestors moving in solidarity with the occupy oakland protestors. they're arrested a 400
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protesters out of the broken to the city hall. >> just hours until the florida gop primary. thousands have already voted but many have not made up their mind for the choice for the republican nomination. the two men at the top of the polls are hitting the streets hard at several locations in the state. tomorrow night by this time, most of the boats will be in. rebecca cooper is live with more on the last minute campaigning. >> the stakes are high in florida. newt gingrich and mitt romney crisscrossing the state today trying to reach as many florida voters as possible. today, mitt romney continued his tougher take on newt gingrich. he thinks the voters will focus on gingrich's record. "speaker gingrich has painfully reveal themselves over these last few days. it's sad to watch. we are seeing is among the qualities that got him into so much trouble when he was speaker
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of the house. >> gingrich knows he's running out of time, said today he was hitting hard. >> i think they ought to get mitt romney out of the race. >> why? >> if they -- a person cannot tell the truth, he ought to get out. >> hermainn cain here today. >> my wife and family are not being tortured every day with the spinning of the lives about past affairs. >> the also got an endorsement from michael reagan, but with this admission. >> that's newt. i understand it. you understand it. it's newt. you hvae a problem sometimes but that's who he is. you get honesty.
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>> in some polls romney has double-digit leads. he will continue on focusing to get every last vote before the polls open tomorrow. gingrich is looking at the poll that shows only five points behind. he is determined pullout the win in florida. live in tampa rebecca cooper abc7 news. >> you can get the latest on the presidential campaign any time on you can follow rebecca on twitter during her stay in florida and let us know when you think about the race for the white house on our facebook page. the politico team will have a coverage beginning at 6:30 p.m. on that news channel 8. >> hinckley has been housed in a mental hospital since his failed 1981 attempt to kill president ronald reagan. if his request to visit his home
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for -- his mother at home for longer times. >> the search for missing alexandria activist lenny harris is over. the officially identified a decomposing body in a well as that of harris. he has been missing since september and was killed by a gunshot to the head. sources tell brad bell an anonymous tipster called 911 and informed police when the body could be found. >> a controversial photo taken in fort lee va., showing personnel posing next to an open casket. no charges will be filed but administrative action has been taken. >> on capitol hill tonight lawmakers may soon find themselves whatever penalties on
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insider-trading. a procedural vote to ban the way for a senate bill banning them and using non-publican permission for their own benefit. members would be required to reveal stock transactions within 30 days. another would prevent them from making land deal at this and investments based on insider information. >> still to come at abc7 news at 6:00 how secure are we? >> , and does it cost to own a home in california once owned by its former president? >> the president having maa life ve webchat.
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>> it 6:00, the president takes his case to cyberspace. once you can check it out -- >> you can check it out yourself. the president went on google + and hulu. what do americans want to know about the country's future?
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>> it is going on live right now. the questions were up loaded ahead of time. he is web chatting and he is talking about college affordability. they are calling this "your interview with the president." if you could have a direct line to the president and ask just about anything, what would it be? you'd be one of the 227,000 people with the questions ranging from sobering. >> i want to know why the federal government is interfering with the only thing that gives me relief. -- >> to comedy. the white house's youtube
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channel was besieged with questions about lowering the cost of vacation and health care. in return for this internet exercise, the white house gets something, too if a special connection to even more voters. social media will play a key role in 2012. all candidates rely on facebook, twitter come and mass e-mail, but only the white house can have a vast ecological -- techn ological impact. >> if you mobilize these people, it's a few thousand here and there. >> an overwhelming majority of the questions submitted were on the legalization of marijuana an issue that has come up before
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in similar internet forums. the white house has largely ignored it. we will see that makes the cut today. >> thank you, scott. next at 6:00, see how things are finally getting back to normal for local students whose schedules were shaken by last year's earthquake. >> a taste of spring heading our way tomorrow? bob has the forecast after the break. >> the caps are thinking playoffs as they start the second half of their season. the wizards hosting the bulls tonight. no matador there tonight.
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>> you are watching abc7 news at 6:00 with gordon peterson, maureen bunyan, chief meteorologist doug hill, and tim brant. this is abc 7 news at 6:00 on your side. >> we continue with a look at the safety of americans at home. >> homeland security director janet napolitano said in her state of the nation address that
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border protection is helping. illegal border crossings are down 53%. she said there are plans to expand the tsa airport program. >> consumer income is on the rise, but many people are not spending the extra money. personal income rose 0.5% in december but spending was unchanged. the workers saved four out of every $100 after-tax. it>> the longtime california home of gerald ford is for sale. the but the home in 1978 and is located on a golf course with five bedrooms, six bathrooms spot among bathtubs,-- spa bathtubs, and a phone with the presidential seal.
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>> a pair of louisa county va. schools opened first time since the earthquake in august. it closed an elementary and middle school. the five-day week will resume, but they will be in mobile classrooms. it was easy to forget about that, and it seems like it happened so long ago. >> a good time they will have outdoor recess whether tomorrow. >> the daffodils are saying they are ready. let me take you outside. here is a time lapse. i have never seen eight student move as fast as these.
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art temperatures out side even in western maryland, in the 40's, well above average. here is the high temperature today, 48 degrees. look at tomorrow. thoue temperatures will be well above average. here is a picture from 400 miles up. the clouds getting as the beautiful sunset i will show you that at 11:00. some of this is the snow. here is the really industrial strength pull. in barrow, -44. the average temperature in fairbanks this january -26. it is 18 degrees below average. yesterday, -60. i will stick with the 48 degrees. the temperature has risen 24
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degrees in chicago over the past 24 hours. because the jet stream remains well to our north, it is keeping the cold way to the north. on the doppler, there are a few little areas of light snow come even around buffalo. they have been a day and one month with temperatures well above average. overnight tonight, dipping into the 30's. tomorrow, southwesterly wind with a mild air. during tomorrow afternoon temperatures near 60 degrees. this will bring us a few light sprinkles by the time get to wednesday. chilly and in the 30's starging out, bac -- starting out back into the 60's. more than likely we will see something on thursday.
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>> the toyota sports desk. brought to you by your local trio did dealers. moving you forward. -- your local toyota dealers. >> the wizards host the bulls tonight. now hear this. whittman said he will be out with a strained calf. they have won 2 out of 3 even if they were against the charlotte bobcats they are wins. the problem is the bulls lost to the heat yesterday and rose will try to redeem himself tonight. >> i'm worried about our guys and how we play. we need to find our identity as a team and come out every night whether it is chicago miami
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houston, or charlotte, we have to play the same way night in and night out. >> tim tebow on hand for the nuggets game. he heaves up a prayer here. watch the tip in. a no look, tip back great timing. clippers win to end the nugget's win streak. the all-star break is in the history books and the caps are back in the ice. well rested and ready to start the second half. saddling in as head coach applying much better defense- type and they will start with a three-game road trip starting in tampa. they have two southeast division games in two days. the new york giants have arrived in indianapolis, is a both teams are in town.
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let the party began. new england is favored by two points. tomorrow is media day. fans can buy tickets for media day for $25. it is part interview, part freak show, part entertainment. most of the guys in yesterday's pro bowl played like they would rather be drinking mai tais. look at this catch. he catches four touchdowns, a pro bowl record. reminiscent, the catch of the day at the pro bowl. i cannot get over the championship match at the australian open, djokovic and nadal. can you imagine playing for five hours, 53 minutes? two football games. they were beating each other's brains out six hours in. djokovic wins.
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get those guys a masseuse and rumors service. in what could be the greatest match ever played. jim caldwell will coach the quarterbacks and work very closely with joe flacco. >> the greatest matchups ever in tennis? >> billie jean king and bobby what's his name? [laughter]
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>> before we go, we want to tell you to the new edition of the abc7 news team it. >> steve chenevey will join it seen a simpson at 4:30 a.m. on "good morning washington." >> welcome aboard. >> we will have another look at the forecast, so do not go to sleep. tomorrow come into the 60's. visit our home page, a new blog on weather climate and forecast facts.
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